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  • A series of colourful plastic bags spread across the image

    Plastic Bags in Whistler

    Why Focus on Plastic Bags? Plastic bags are just one of many single-use items that are stockpiling in landfills worldwide. The rest of the list includes disposable coffee mugs, plastic cutlery, straws, pop bottles… and the list goes on. AWARE sees plastic bags as a starting point. If we use

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  • Stack of books with the top one fanned out

    13 Must Read Books on Climate Change

    Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to do some more reading? You want to start reducing your carbon footprint and learn more about the current environmental state of the world. Or maybe you want to help find solutions and help your eco-anxiety? We’ve put together an extensive list of

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  • Zero Waste Station

    In Review: The Zero Waste Heroes Program

    In 2013, AWARE began the Zero Waste Heroes Program to address the high waste footprint of events that were being held in Whistler and surrounding communities. Since then, the program has had over 120,000 station users, diverting more than 15,000kg of waste from landfill. The Zero Waste Heroes Program offers

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  • 2022 Year in Review – Letter from AWARE’s Executive Director Claire Ruddy

    Dear AWARE Friends, Supporters and Followers, As the year comes to a close, the team and board at AWARE are reflecting on this past year and planning for 2023. With a new team this year, we are taking a moment to celebrate our wins, learn from our losses and look

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