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About Us

We work to progress community-scale solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our time – Climate Change, Habitat Fragmentation, Biodiversity Loss, Wildlife, Water, Waste, and anything else that comes up or comes our way. We work independently and with others to connect people with nature and build more sustainable communities.

Every member of our small but dedicated team has the opportunity to create change from within the programs they work on. Whether inspiring future generations to care about the environment, helping people grow local organic food, or supporting the community to reduce waste, we find ways to connect with the things people care about and focus on finding shared values as a route to changing behaviours and shifting unsustainable cultural norms.

What we look for

We believe the following skills, strengths and interests will help you thrive on our team:

  • Accountability – you work hard, have fun and take personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work – you get things done and you don’t need someone looking over your shoulder
  • Consultation – you understand the value of partnership and understand how to work with others to identify and resolve complex and sensitive issues
  • Research and analysis – you can examine data, grasp the issues, and draw conclusions to ultimately solve problems
  • Self-directed – you thrive in a self-directed environment – enabling growth and success isn’t something you wait for other people to do
  • Communication – you can clearly and accurately convey information to a variety of audiences using the tools necessary, engaging people to ensure the message is understood while being yourself and a net generator of positive energy
  • Creative and Innovative Thinking – you develop fresh ideas that provide solutions for communities and people facing complex challenges


Openings Posting No. Posting Date
Fundraising – Earth Day Silent Auction Manager (closed) 24-01 January 30, 2024
Zero Waste Community Advisor 24-02 March 13, 2024
Environmental Programming Assistant (closed) 24-03 March 18, 2024
Executive Director (closed) 24-04 March 11, 2024


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