Our Mission

AWARE is committed to protecting Whistler’s natural environment by speaking up and taking action on environmental issues, while empowering others to do the same

AWARE’s Priorities

Safeguarding Habitat, Biodiversity & Wilderness Values

We work to safeguard habitats and species to maintain connectivity of ecosystems, supporting wildlife and human health.

Building Sustainable, Resilient Community

We engage and empower our community to make smart choices, consume mindfully and consider impacts on the environment and the climate.

AWARE’s Values

Collaboration and Partnership

We collaborate with other groups because environmental protection is more effective when supported by consensus and when aligned with broader strategies. We approach all our partnerships with integrity, honesty and accountability and seek to partner with local organizations where there are shared values and/or opportunities for efficiency.

Communication and Education

We develop communications and outreach opportunities as public understanding, engagement and activation, lead to responsible stewardship of our shared natural assets. We create and deliver educational programs because change starts with knowledge.

Research and Participation

We take part in and coordinate research projects, in order to ensure what we do is based in fact and science. We participate in government and community processes because our natural resources and environment deserve a voice.

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Photo Credit: Coast Mountain Photography