The AWARE Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs AWARE and its work in the community by providing oversight of AWARE’s strategic and annual work plans. Contributing a diversity of skills and experience AWARE Directors serve a two‐year term, with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) creating the opportunity for a yearly influx of new directors. AWARE’s Board can consist of up to 12 elected Directors. At each AGM only new directors or those at the end of their two-year term need to apply.  All AWARE members in good standing and present at the AGM are eligible to vote for directors.


The Role of the Board

A Board of Directors is at minimum responsible for the governance of an organization. This responsibility can be broken down into six key elements:

  • Provide strategic leadership & direction for AWARE
  • Set the conditions for organizational success
  • Oversee and monitor all aspects of governance
  • Ensure the organization’s financial health and sustainability
  • Protect the best interests of the organization and the environment it exists to serve
  • Ensure knowledge of stakeholder expectations, needs, concerns, and interests, and build effective relationships.

AWARE’s board is a volunteer ‘working board’, meaning that in addition to the above, the board undertakes operational tasks to support the group’s strategic goals. Much of this work takes place though committee groups, which may be ongoing (e.g. meeting throughout the year to undertake annual HR tasks), or ad-hoc with just a few meetings needed to work together on specific actions (e.g. organization of a large event or setting strategy around a particular issue). Committees are made up of directors, staff and volunteers.


Schedule of 2021 Board Meetings

2021 Board Meeting Dates:  January 20 | April 21 | July 21 | October 20

Annual General Meeting and Election: TBD @ Virtual Zoom event


General Expectations of an AWARE Board Member

Directors commit to a two-year term and are asked to:

  • Regularly attend Board and Public meetings
  • Make a serious commitment to contributing to the success of AWARE’s campaigns
  • Stay informed about current campaigns, prepare well for meetings, comment on minutes and prepare reports for your area of responsibility
  • Willingly accept responsibilities of your position and complete them thoroughly and on time
  • Get to know other Board members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to achieving consensus
  • Be an active participant in the Board’s annual evaluation and planning efforts
  • Participate in community engagement and advocacy for the organization
  • Be an ambassador for positive environmental stewardship
  • Act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the society, and exercise the care, diligence, and skill of a reasonably prudent person


Meet AWARE’s current Board of Directors


If you are interested in joining AWARE’s Board of Directors board nominations happen in Spring of each year (click here for  details) or contact AWARE’s President at


Photo Credit: Andi Wardrop