Whistler, BC; July 10, 2016: The Whistler Naturalists are proud to present the 10th annual BioBlitz, a 24-hour race against the clock to count as many species as possible––mammals, birds, plants, frogs, fish, bugs––you name it. Photo: Joern Rohde/www.joernrohde.com

Photo: Joern Rohde

Whistler BioBlitz

AWARE is proud to be the charitable partner for the Whistler Naturalist’s annual Whistler BioBlitz. The Whistler BioBlitz, Canada’s longest-running BioBlitz showcases both Whistler and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor’s amazing biodiversity through hands on learning and hard science. This free public event brings experts, residents and visitors together in a fun, competitive atmosphere to collect biodiversity monitoring data, while exploring the region’s natural history and stewardship.

“It’s amazing to realize that about ½ of the known species in Whistler are from only 10 weekends of BioBlitz and 12 weekends of Fungus Among Us.  It goes to show that a small group of dedicated volunteers and scientists can make a huge difference in our knowledge of, and ability to become successful stewards of, the natural world.”  – Kristina Swerhun, Naturalist

BioBlitz attracts 60+ top-level scientists each year from BC and beyond who contribute over 1,000 hours of volunteer time. Whistler BioBlitz has added over 1,200 previously undocumented species to the region’s biodiversity list, including many rare species and species at risk. We can’t protect species we don’t know about.

BioBlitz is a 24-hour race against the clock to count as many species as possible––mammals, birds, plants, frogs, fish, bugs––you name it. A BioBlitz introduces people to real (and fun) science and the amazing diversity surrounding us. The concept of BioBlitz was created by Harvard biodiversity icon E.O. Wilson to raise awareness of the huge diversity of animals and plants, even in developed areas. Since its creation, annual BioBlitzes have spread throughout North America. The Whistler Naturalists are proud to have presented the first BioBlitz here in 2007.


The Whistler Naturalists

The BioBlitz targets alpine and valley ecosystems across Whistler.  Results from the BioBlitz will contribute to the Whistler Biodiversity Project, a multi-year, multi-group effort to catalogue and protect our native biodiversity.

“I left the festivities more intrigued than ever.  The biodiversity of the Whistler area is immense and much of it has still yet to be discovered! The collaborative research and returning scientists speak for themselves, I am already counting down the days until next year.”  – Kristen Jones

“I must say, I knew nothing about these bugs or what a true bug really was. Jordan showed me how much fun you can have with a simple bucket and goldfish net near a pond. It was unbelievable what we discovered in one scoop of mucky water!”  – Davina Dube

For more information and to view the results collated by the Whistler Biodiversity Project visit:



BioBlitz 2016 Final Report