Donate to AWARE

Since 1989, AWARE has been the voice on the ground in Whistler fighting for our environment and aiming to protect it from the harsh realities of climate change. Recently, we have seen record highs of forest fires, floods, droughts and heat domes, alongside less snowfall in the valley, hotter and drier summers and glacier loss. All of these cause havoc to the natural ecosystems and native species that make up Whistler’s environment.

Nature, the very foundation of the Whistler experience, is under threat, but AWARE is here to help. From public education of waste management through school workshops and events and parks presence, to a community garden and greenhouse program to help turn food waste into new food for our community, we do it all. But not without your help.

We rely on grants and charitable donations to continue doing the work that we do. Donate to AWARE so that we are able to continue to give nature a voice, and we can keep preserving and protecting Whistler’s environment. No matter how much you give, your donation plays a fundamental role in the work we do at AWARE, with and for the community of Whistler. We can’t thank you enough.

Are you a supporter who is interested in fundraising on AWARE’s behalf?

If so, we created a fundraising kit specifically for you. Get creative and design a fundraiser that aligns with AWARE’S values and inspires your staff, customers or group.

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