Trash Talk

Do you know where your waste belongs and why?

In partnership with the Resort Municipality of Whistler, AWARE developed this infographic to help you better understand how to deal with your waste like a pro. Becoming familiar with the lifecycle of an item from start to finish can make it easier to understand the intricacies tied to each product and why they need to be handled differently. Knowing that we are asked to wash our plastics, not because the recycling industry thinks we have extra time on our hands, but because contamination can impede the chemical rebond of the product somehow makes the task a little less tedious.

Click on the image below to access this high resolution PDF. Display it anywhere from a large scale sign in your garbage room to a letter size printout pinned to the kitchen fridge.

For any weird and wonderful waste questions visit the Zero Waste Heroes at local events and the Whistler Farmer’s Markets. AWARE’s zero waste stations act as collection points for event waste, create an opportunity to educate event attendees on reducing their own waste and help people understand why events chose to pursue their zero waste goals.

Love this place, reduce your waste.

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