How to be a responsible tourist

Going on holiday? Here’s how to be responsible with your impact.

Whether you’re planning your next trip or are about to embark on it, have you considered the impact your trip has on the communities you visit? Your conscious lifestyle doesn’t have to go on holiday when you do! (If you care about the planet and your hometown, you can be a responsible tourist in your own backyard as well.)

AWARE was recently interviewed by The Globe & Mail about how to be a respectful visitor as you experience all that the world has to offer. With expert tips on getting around, where to stay, when to book, and respecting your host community, the article sheds light on issues you may not have considered when traveling abroad.

The Center for Responsible Travel also noted that a local non-profit, like AWARE, can be a great resource to help understand the local issues. That’s exactly why AWARE created the How To Be An EcoCitizen video series.

Read the full The Globe & Mail story here: How to be a responsible tourist

And while you’re at it, please consider donating to a local non-profit like AWARE to help protect these special places for generations to come.

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