Zero Waste Workshops Are Back This Fall

Whistler has a goal of becoming zero waste. Updates to the Solid Waste Bylaw by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) last year now require all properties to separate all recyclable material, and food scraps and organics from garbage. As a community with strong sustainability goals, organizations across the community have been working together to improve the ways in which waste material is managed but in recognition that some properties still need help adapting and that waste program leads change over time the RMOW and AWARE have partnered up to provide a series of waste focused workshops this fall.

In recognition that every business and property is different the workshops focus on common themes and provide links and tools to more detailed information, which attendees can access while working to implement new waste systems. The one-hour workshops will be packed with PRACTICAL guidance. There will also be time following the workshop to connect with AWARE and RMOW staff on questions specific to individual properties or business actions. Each workshop is offered as a morning and early evening session to try ensure everyone has a chance to attend.

Three different types of workshops are being offered, tailored to each of the following user groups:

For Multi-Family Accommodations

  • The MFA workshops are intended to support the implementation of new or updated waste management systems in multi-family accommodation properties of 12 or more strata units. The accommodation workshops are geared towards managers or those in a supervisory role at Strata Management Companies, Property Rental Companies, or Property Strata Councils.


For Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Properties –

  • The ICI workshops are geared towards managers, supervisors and those who provide staff training or support in: Restaurant, Retail and Commercial business operations, Hotel and Mixed-Use Rental Properties (with both commercial and accommodation units), Commercial Property Maintenance and Cleaning Teams.


For Cleaning Companies –

  • The Waste AWARE Certification for Cleaning Companies was created to bring light to the importance of every cleaning team member in the waste management  process, while helping to make it easier and more time-efficient for cleaning crews to handle waste. This certification program is intended to help support cleaning service providers with staff training, while providing cleaning service customers with reassurance they are hiring cleaning teams that have staff trained in local waste practices.

For details on the Solid Waste Bylaw and to access existing information and tools on how to prepare your business or property head to

The Solid Waste Solutions Workshops have been funded by the RMOW and will be delivered by the Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE), who have been working to support properties and businesses in Whistler to reduce waste and maximise diversion for 30 years.

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