Whistle Nature Camp Diary – Aquatic Adventures II


This week of camp aligned beautifully with the Western Toad Migration at Lost Lake. Every year between late July and early August tens of thousands of tiny toadlets make their first large journey from the lake into the surrounding forests. The toadlets are extremely vulnerable during their migration to predators due to their tiny size. Many volunteers and environmental technicians work to keep toads from being stepped on during this time. Campers were first in line to volunteer to help the toads migrate! They used cups to collect the toads and wore a rubber glove to protect the toads from the oils on our skin that can interfere with their breathing as toads breathe partially through their skins.

A well loved game this week was ‘Meet a Tree’ where one blindfolded partner is lead to a tree to smell it, touch it, and perhaps even give it a hug – then afterwards they have to try and guess which tree they were brought too! This game can get really tricky especially if you’ve been spun around a couple times and have lost all your sense of direction!

We also had a great time playing follow the leader on our nature walks, campers turned into gymnasts as they balanced on logs and jumped from stumps.

On our Nature Walks we saw some neat plants! One of our favourites this week was pineapple weed due to it’s delicious pineapple fragrance. Another cool plant the campers liked was the common Muelin which is known as Natures toilet paper since it has incredibly soft leaves! Another fun fact about the common Muelin is that when dead they used to be dipped in oil then used as a torch.


The campers went full out with crafts this week! A number of  beautiful Nature Journals were created and some campers decided to glue/tape on some cool finds they collected on the Nature Walk! Other campers decided to make themed Nature Journals, a very popular theme this week was River Otters! Campers also created some very intricate habitats made out of cardboard, felt and whatever else they could find! The final results were magnificent, it’s truly great seeing Campers imaginations run wild!

In a game called ‘Meet my Friend’ campers find an imaginary friend then make a habitat for them in the forest, some campers even made little beds and furniture for their friends!




Join us as we go bird watching, create our own nests and make bird houses!

Camp can be booked by the week or for individual days up until 3pm the day prior.

For more info or to register visit our camp page!


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