GROWing Together: A Recap of Our EpicPromise Day Adventure

GROWing Together: A Recap of Our EpicPromise Day Adventure

By the Numbers:

  • 18 Greenhouse Boxes: Installed at GROW Whistler Alpha Lake Greenhouse, providing ample space for cultivating a variety vegetables.
  • 10 Garden Boxes: Two of these were dedicated to the Alpha Lake site, while the remaining eight found a home at the Cheakamus Community Garden, expanding the growing potential in both locations.
  • 2 New Compost Boxes: Constructed from salvaged materials from old boxes, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability in our gardening practices.
  • 32 Volunteers: Including five carpenters from Whistler Blackcomb, alongside nine helpers from AWARE and the GROW Whistler community, along with our dedicated photographer, Oisin McHugh, capturing the day’s events.
  • 540 Cubic Feet of Soil Moved: An estimated amount, representing the substantial effort put into preparing the ground for planting and gardening activities, some of it requiring relocation multiple times.
  • 180 Cinder Blocks Moved: With precise measurements, these blocks were shifted to accommodate the new installations, showcasing attention to detail and careful planning.
  • 4 Truckloads of Degraded Material: Several truckloads of degraded material from old boxes were responsibly disposed of at the waste transfer station, clearing the way for fresh beginnings.
  • 18 Spent Pieces of Metal Sheeting: Taken for recycling, contributing to our commitment to environmental stewardship and reducing waste.
  • $4400 Provided by Whistler Blackcomb Foundation EnviroFund: A generous contribution that facilitated the purchase of new materials and supplies, enabling us to enhance our gardening infrastructure and capabilities.
  • 0 Injuries: No one got hurt!

In the Dirt Together

This past Sunday, June 2, 2024, AWARE and Whistler Blackcomb joined forces for an unforgettable EpicPromise Day adventure at our GROW Community Greenhouse location at Alpha Lake. EpicPromise Days are initiatives where Whistler Blackcomb employees are encouraged to volunteer a workday to come together around a community project benefiting local non-profit organizations in the areas of youth and the environment.

Despite the rain, we didn’t let a little water dampen our spirits. With the unwavering dedication of 32 volunteers, including skilled carpenters from Whistler Blackcomb and enthusiastic community members from AWARE and GROW Whistler, remarkable feats were achieved. From the installation of 18 greenhouse boxes to the crafting of compost and garden boxes, every task was met with enthusiasm and a shared sense of purpose.

The GROW Whistler program, led by AWARE Whistler, aims to promote sustainable food systems and environmental education in the Whistler community. GROW Whistler works to empower individuals to grow their own food, reduce their ecological footprint, and foster a deeper connection to nature.

As we worked side by side, laughter and teamwork filled the day, reinforcing our collective commitment to environmental sustainability and community resilience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to this endeavor, as well as to the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation EnviroFund for their generous support. It is through such collaborative efforts that we can continue to nurture our shared spaces and cultivate a brighter, greener future for all.


Photos: Oisin McHugh



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