Warm Yourself, Not The Outdoors

Feeling chilly? Don’t jump straight for the thermostat dial. Instead, follow these hot tips to warm up and get cozy without making the planet pay the price.

  1. Snuggle into an extra layer and some thick socks.
  2. Embrace the oversized scarf fashion trend.
  3. Get your blood flowing by jumping up and down for a minute to warm yourself up.
  4. Embrace your inner-Brit and go for high tea.
  5. Book an energy audit with the Resort Municipality of Whistler to find out where to seal in your warmth.
  6. Consider closing your windows and curtains at night. Windows can leak about 25% of your home’s heat.
  7. Install window treatments to capture and retain heat in your home.
  8. Reverse your ceiling fan circulation to blast hot air down instead of sucking it up.
  9. If you must light a fire, make sure your wood is dry.
  10. Find a cuddle buddy.

Temperature variations are a natural part of life, and a fit and healthy body should be comfortable enough without excessive artificial heating or cooling.

These tips were transcribed from AWARE’s audio Eco-Tips. AWARE’s eco-tips were created to inspire and educate on the many ways in which we can each live a more environmentally conscious and sustainable life. Tune in to 101.5 Whistler FM or visit the below page to learn about all the choices you can make to be a better global citizen.

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Photos by Orlova MariaKira auf der Heide, Matthew HenryRosie Kerr on Unsplash

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