AWARE’s eco-tips were created to inspire and educate on the many ways in which we can each live a more environmentally conscious and sustainable life. Tune in to 101.5 Whistler FM or press play below to learn about all the choices you can make to be a better global citizen.


Green Your Energy:

Warm Yourself, Not the Outdoors:

Why Snowblowers Blow:

Energy Saving Cooking Tips:

Stake the Energy Vampires in Your Home:

Join the Circular Economy:

Consciously Consume:

Participate in the Sharing Economy:

Reduce Your Book-print:

Host a Yardsale:

Serious Pillow Talk:

Green Your Bathroom:

Make Your Own Zero-Waste Toothpaste:

Make Your Own Cleaner:

Try Out Bamboo Products:

Green Your Festivities:

Green Your Halloween:

No-Shave Movemeber is Good for the Planet Too:


Getting to Zero Waste Living

Zero Waste Living: An Introduction

The Goods on Glass:

Pack a Litter-less Lunch:

Green Your Pet:

Go Paperless in Your Home:

Deal with E-Waste the Right Way:

Ditch Plastic Once And For All:

Skip the Plastic Bags:


Skip Single-Use Items:


Skip the Bottled Water:

Learn to Love Food, Hate Waste:

Biodegradable Compostable:

Cut Down on Food Waste:


Going Plant-Based:

Live a Plant Based Life:

Why You Should Skip Meat:

Alternative Milks > Cow Milk:

Ditching Food Waste:

Cut Down on Food Waste:


Ditch Pesky Packaging:

Break Up with Your Garburator:

Buying Sustainable:

How to Choose Sustainable Seafood:


Pedal Power Your Commute:

Reduce Your Car Dependency:


Help the Birds and the Bees:

Protect the Pollinators:

Help Bees Prosper:

Be Bright in the Backcountry:

Keep Wildlife Attractants at Bay:

Fire Smart Your Home and Backcountry Habits:

Keep Invasive Species Out:

Green Your Camping Trip:

All You Need to Know About Summer Spray-ons:


Immerse Yourself:

Take a Forest Bath:

Join us at AWARE’s Whistler Nature Camp: