Sea-to-Sky Students and Citizens Strike for Bold Action on Climate Change

Across the globe millions of people have been marching to demand our leaders take urgent and bold action on Climate Change. We know the challenges. We know the solutions. We need to act!

On September 27th students will be taking to the streets across Canada and around the world, in response to Greta Thunberg’s call to action. Everyone is invited to show that we understand that the climate crisis is the greatest challenge that we have ever faced and we don’t have the time to wait for others to act.

In Whistler, the #climatestrike will start at Lost Lake at noon, heading to municipal hall and then into the Maury Young Arts Centre where students have convened a panel of speakers (including AWARE) to talk about the impacts and solutions to our changing climate.

Come join the movement – because the tide is rising and we are ready!


Sea-to-Sky Climate Strikes –

Whistler – Starts at noon – Details at

Squamish – Starts at 10:30am – Details at:

Vancouver – Starts at 1pm – Details at:


Climate Strikes Across Canada –

Find a strike near you and join student in demanding climate action before it’s too late. The September 27th strike will feed into the Canadian election rhetoric, and will incentivize political candidates to step up, and make the climate crisis the foremost issue in this election.

Details at:

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