July Green Talk: What does the future hold for Howe Sound?

Howe Sound is North Americas southernmost fjord, beautiful and wild yet easily accessed from Vancouver or Whistler in 30 minutes. With a history of industrial mismanagement the Sound was ecologically devastated. After decades of restoration and in excess of $46 million dollars of taxpayer money, the Sound has seen an ecological renaissance, culminating with the return of Orcas.

Yet even with this history the Sound is being slated as the site for over 10 separate commercial and residential development proposals. In AWARE’s July 2nd Green Talk the case will be made for assessment of the potential cumulative effect of so much development in this unique area.

Guest presenter Eoin Finn has been a key advocate for the endorsement of a cumulative effects assessment and has presented the need for this to citizen groups, organizations and local and regional governments. Eoin will give an overview of the various development proposals on the table, explore impacts such as increased tanker traffic and will provide detail around some of the developments already undertaking community consultation, such as the Woodfibre LNG proposal.

AWARE has also invited Tracey Saxby of My Sea to Sky who will be detailing the environmental impact assessment processes specific to the industrial developments.

Development of the Sound could have real impacts for tourism and therefore Whistler. We hope that dedicating our upcoming Green Talk to the issue will add support to the various groups currently working to raise awareness and provide an engagement opportunity for our members and Whistlerites.

About Eoin Finn:

Eoin Finn grew up in Ireland and moved to Canada to attend graduate school in 1968. He is retired, having been a Partner in the Accounting / Consulting firm KPMG. A seasonal resident of Bowyer Island in Howe Sound for the past 30 years, and the father to two marine biologist daughters, he is thrilled by the return of the orcas, dolphins, herring and salmon to Howe Sound. Eoin holds Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry and an MBA in International Business.

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