Climate Change Q&A with Local Whistler Experts

On Wednesday, October 14, AWARE held an online event in collaboration with groups around the world. After a screening from Tedx of several different speeches (including one from Prince William!) for their COUNTDOWN event, AWARE gathered local experts to bring the discussion to Whistler and highlight what’s in store for Whistler in the coming years and what we can do to act now.


“Godfather of Freestyle Skiing” …MIKE DOUGLAS
“Mountain Planning Guru” …ARTHUR DEJONG
“Sustainability Strategist” …CHEEYING HO
“Solution Seeker” …CLAIRE RUDDY

Watch the Q & A Section of the event below:


Note that this online Zoom event was held following a screening of some of the videos from the TedX Global Countdown.

For all TED Countdown videos from the first portion of this event along with many more, head to

Our playlist consisted of…

  1. TED Countdown Introduction from Chris & Lindsay
  2. Johan Rockstrom- 10 years to transform the future of humanity or destabilize the planet
  3. Climate Action Tracker- update on global policies and implementation
  4. Thomas Crowther- The global movement to restore natures biodiversity
  5. Hal Harvey & John Doerr- decarbonize the grid and electrify everything
  6. Tom Schuler- How we make carbon negative concrete (4.5 min)
  7. Prince William- This decade calls for EarthShots to restore our planet

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