#NaturalWhistler – Finding Out What We Value Most About Whistler’s Natural Environment

#NaturalWhistler – Finding Out What We Value Most About Whistler’s Natural Environment

In Whistler, we all know nature is awesome. But there are many different reasons why people agree. This summer, we wanted to hear about some of the reasons people feel passionate about and connected to nature, so we launched the campaign #NaturalWhistler.

We interviewed some of our members and asked them questions about how they’re connected to #NaturalWhistler, such as why they choose to call Whistler home, how they help protect Whistler’s natural environment, and what environmental issues they’re most passionate about. We found that although each individual values Whistler’s nature for different reasons; whether as an inspiration for art, a venue to challenge oneself physically, or a place to find peace; #NaturalWhistler is the unanimous reason they all choose to call this place home. We have shared videos of some of our favourite responses on a new page on our website that is dedicated to giving our members a voice and share their stories about why they connect with and care about our natural world.

Click here to explore their insightful and inspirational answers here.


We will be sharing our members’ stories each week on AWARE’s social media and so you also have the chance to share what you value most about Whistler’s natural environment through comments or posting your own photos using the hashtag #NaturalWhistler. We believe the topic of how intrinsically connected people are to nature is not discussed enough. Sharing our stories of how important the natural environment is to each and every one of us is crucial in order to protect this incredible place that we’re so fortunate to call home.

What do YOU value most about your #NaturalWhistler?

Post a photo using the hashtag #NaturalWhistler and tag AWARE (@AWAREWhistler on Facebook and Instagram) to let us know!

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