New Tool for Businesses to Support Conservation and Climate Action

In Whistler, local businesses continually get requests to support fundraisers and community causes. We all know how much it means to come together and give where we live.  Even small amounts can go a long way.

But what if you could streamline corporate giving so it was more focused and connected to a local charity? How about getting your staff and customers to rally behind a cause that’s important to your business and your future in Whistler?

AWARE is excited to offer a new tool to empower Whisterites to support conservation and climate action. For over 30 years, AWARE has been the voice for nature and the species who share this beautiful place. We’re introducing this fundraising kit to support third parties like Whistler businesses to design fundraisers that align with our values.

We know citizens feel a growing anxiety about climate extremes. AWARE delivers the antidote: solutions, programs, and resources to support community members to act. This new resource can help businesses to amplify AWARE’s work in the community. 

AWARE’s mission is to protect Whistler’s natural environment by speaking up and taking action on environmental issues, while empowering others to do the same

If that sounds like a fit with your organization, then take a look at the Fundraising Toolkit here. Share with your team and organize a conservation and climate action fundraiser this holiday season. 

The toolkit offers ideas to engage staff and customers, examples of AWARE fundraising campaigns, tips on creating a successful fundraiser, collaboration resources, and more.

We hope this toolkit will inspire business owners, managers and employees to spark conversations to support on-the-ground conservation and climate action. It highlights how to engage customers about these priorities in a meaningful way. Your support will not only help Whistler mature as a thriving, nature-loving resort, giving back also helps strengthen employee engagement and pride, and aligns your brand with nature and the environment.

As a nimble non-profit, every dollar is valued and supports the AWARE team to build impact. AWARE is continually evolving and relies on fundraising to build capacity, advocate on the community’s behalf, and design programs that advance our mission.

Photo credit: Ronia Nash

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