Whistler Nature Camp Diary – Creepy Crawlies

Did you know that bugs make up 90% of all living creatures on earth! It’s hard to imagine a world without insects as they pollinate many of our fruits and vegetables as well as provide us with products like fine silk and ooey gooey honey! On top of all of this they are essential decomposers, we can thank bugs for eating lots of dead plants and animals that would otherwise build up in our environment.


This week at Whistler Nature Camp we lifted up logs and turned over rocks hunting for creepy crawlies! Campers became scientists as they fabricated their own pooters, a device used for sucking up bugs safely to collect. We also set up pitfall traps: to set this up they dug a small hole in the ground and put in a cup that has peanut butter and other greenery inside of it to attract bugs. The kids adored creating habitats for their little creatures while being mindful of what their insect needed to survive. We even began construction of our own insect hotel, coming soon with pinecone patio and twiggy parlour!


Campers discovered the differences between spiders and bugs by counting the number of body parts and learning a few key characteristics of each. Spiders detect vibration with sensory hairs on their legs, vibrations will usually lead to a tasty meal! Campers took turn closing their eyes and holding string to guess which direction the rest of the group was pulling from. We also got crafty and made our own bugs/spiders using egg cartons to distinguish the head from the stomach and/or chest. We also learned about the life cycle of different types of insects, our favourite being the butterfly.





Next week we’re making a big splash and diving into Aquatic Adventures!

Come one and come all as we explore the delights of wetlands!

Camp can be booked by the week or for individual camp days until  3pm the day prior.

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