Launch of Whistler’s Seed Library

*Announcing Whistler’s New Seed Library*

As of this week, the Whistler Seed Library is officially live at the Whistler Public Library. It is small, but mighty and we are looking for more seeds to bulk up the stock. Stop by to get rid of your excess seeds and pick up some new ones to diversify your garden, save money, and spread the gardening love.

When you bring Library-approved seeds (read more about requirements here), you can drop them off and exchange them for some of the saved seeds that others have brought to the library.

The Whistler Seed Library was created in partnership with the Whistler Public Library to increase local food security, reduce our carbon footprint and connect the Whistler community with affordable and healthy food options. Contribute or take home seeds and support sustainable gardening in the sea to sky corridor.

Growing close to home not only reduces our carbon footprint but also eliminates packaging and heightens our connections to food. Community and home gardens are a great way to connect with neighbours, spend time outside and reap physical and mental health benefits as well as delicious food.

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