Ten Ways To Green Your Holidays

The holidays are overwhelming for all of us, including our planet. The amount of waste is exceptional this time of year. Here are ten things you can do to have a greener holiday season.

  1. Use certified LED light for your holiday cheer. The use 95% less energy and last 20 times longer.
  2. Skip the gift wrap and opt for an upcycled roadmap, the cartoon section of the paper, or an outdated calendar, or fabric instead.
  3. Incorporate natural elements into your decor.
  4. Skip the Christmas tree and decorate a house plant instead. If you must have a tree, go for the real deal and make sure to compost it once it’s time for the decorations to come down.
  5. Send out e-cards instead of snail mail.
  6. Gift experiences instead of things.
  7. Carpool to holiday functions.
  8. Cut back on fossil fuels by supporting local artisans.
  9. Avoid gifts with batteries.
  10. Don’t forget to regift.

The AWARE team wishes you a green and cheerful holiday season!

These tips were transcribed from AWARE’s audio Eco-Tips. AWARE’s eco-tips were created to inspire and educate on the many ways in which we can each live a more environmentally conscious and sustainable life. Tune in to 101.5 Whistler FM or visit the below page to learn about all the choices you can make to be a better global citizen.

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Photo by Nathan Fertig and Marissa Rodriguez on Unsplash

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