AWARE Earth Day Clothing Swap Success

Whistlerites stood apart this Earth Day by choosing to swap instead of shop at the AWARE Earth Day Clothing Swap. This event allowed locals to spring clean their closets, share fashion trends forward and hunt for new hidden gems to adore. Local artisans lined the exterior of the ballroom and sold beautiful creations, many of which were up cycled into unique and timeless pieces. With over one hundred people in attendance and thanks in large part to the Nita Lake Lodge the event was a huge success. Young ladies from kindergarten to Grade 7 preceded the main event with a Dress Swap tailored to help the girls find new lightly loved dresses for the Annual Father Daughter Dance held on May 9th.

Reasons to Clothing Swap with AWARE Every Earth Day:

  1. Protect the Environment: No matter how environmentally friendly the company – new items use natural resources, undergo a pollutant producing manufacturing process and require fossil fuels to ship them around the globe. Dressing yourself in pieces that already exist takes some pressure off of the earth’s finite resources.
  1. Support a Good Cause: AWARE, Whistler’s Environmental Charity, received all proceeds raised from the Earth Day Clothing Swap. AWARE strives to improve, protect and restore Whistler and its surrounding areas, while achieving environmental sustainability through community education and advocacy. All clothing left after the event was donated to the Re-Use it Centre a local non-profit whose proceeds fuel Whistler’s social programs and efforts keep tonnes of waste out of the landfill annually.
  1. Preserve History & Quality: Our everyday threads aren’t tightly wound with the same indestructible quality they used to be. Recycling old fashions back into our wardrobes is a fantastic way to keep timeless pieces alive.
  1. Save Money: Your dollar goes a lot farther when you buy used instead of new. Whistler residents only paid $10 to have access to jam packed racks and mountains of clothing.

Thank you! Nita Lake Lodge for the generous donation of the Ballroom space and a $2 donation from every beverage purchased. Thank you to Jodi, Nancy, Kimberley & Jessica for helping us organize and make this event come to life, and Jamie for keeping the drinks flowing throughout the night.

Earth Day, everyday.

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