Final Days to Submit Your Vision For Whistler (Until March 31st)

Throughout this Spring, staff at the Resort Municipality of Whistler are working to revisit the Official Community Plan for the community and the Community Vision. (Unsure what the difference is between a Vision and an Official Community Plan read our last blog)

Since the early 2000’s Whistler’s shared community goals have been outlined in the Whistler 2020 Vision and all other community plans are intended to align with this Vision. As the year 2020 fast approaches and the current council term comes to an end in Fall of this year, it is clear we are all on a tight timeline if the current council wants to revisit and see an OCP approval under their tenure.  The lifespan of the OCP (5-10yrs) will extend beyond the year 2020, and so as part of the public input process RMOW staff have provided the community with a window of time to input into a revisitation of the Community Vision. With the deadline fast approaching we encourage you to focus on take the time and share your thoughts on what your future Whistler looks like.

There are a few ways to provide input dependent on your time availability and interest. If you only have a few minutes there is an online survey and for those who want to provide more detailed input there is an ideabook which can be downloaded and submitted.

Both the survey & Ideabook can be found on the RMOW website:

To kick off the public input process the RMOW hosted a community forum on March 5th. We were there to share our thoughts on the future trends – from an environmental and climate change perspective – which we should have in mind while thinking about the vision for Whistler’s shared future.  A ‘Vision’ should be long-term and requires us to consider the things we will value in the next 20-40 years (i.e. much longer timeline then the OCP). The public has until March 31st to provide input in this phase. 



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