August Eco-News

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Whistler’s environmental news and tips for green living from the Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE).

In This Edition:
Small Steps for Big Moves Climate Action Campaign Launches 
Connect with Candidate’s Views Pre-Election
Alpine Trail Closures To Protect Grizzly Bears (& People!)
LIFTing the Community Auction

When we act together, Small Steps become BIG MOVES

September 1st saw the launch of ‘Small Steps for BIG MOVES’ – a 12 month climate action campaign focused on personal actions we can each take to reduce emissions and make Whistler a more climate resilient community. AWARE developed the campaign for and in partnership with the RMOW, to help increase awareness of the biggest moves we can make for climate.

If you are getting AWARE’s e-news you are likely already adopting climate actions and so we hope you can use Small Steps for BIG MOVES resources as a way to share calls to action and encourage family, friends, and community to join in act for climate.

Each month the campaign:
Highlights Small Steps we can take towards Whistler’s six BIG MOVES
Creates space to “ask us how” of community members already taking action Boosts Whistler’s climate action know-how with timely and topical “quick facts”
Offers you a chance to win prizes by sharing your Small Steps for BIG MOVES
Check out the campaign, actions and ways to win here:

Sproat Alpine Trail Closures: Protect Seasonal Grizzly Activity As They Prepare to Hibernate

Please help spread the word that the Rainbow Trail network has been closed until at lease Sept 11th and could potentially be extended. Closed trails are: Mystic (above Less), On the Rocks, With A Twist, Pot Of Gold, Ninja Loop, Upper Lord of the Squirrels, Happy Hour, Last Call, Rush Hour, Rainbow Hiking Trail

These trails transect important Fall food sources for local grizzly bears. Fall foods are vital as bears are in hyperphagia and trying to take on as many calories as possible before hibernation – too few calories can result in females producing fewer / no cubs and in some cases bears simply don’t survive. 

After a hot dry summer impacted berry crops and natural foods we are already seeing bears food stressed – respecting closures is a vital part of protecting both bears and people this Fall. Click For Up to Date Information
LIFTing the Community Auction

Have you seen artistic chairlifts all over the Village?
 As part of an initiative hosted by Arts Whistler and the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, the LIFTing the Community project saw local artists transform 15 retired Catskinner ski lift chairs into works of art, reflecting the theme of belonging as perceived by 15 community groups. 

AWARE is one of the community groups involved, with a beautiful nature-inspired chair designed and created by artist Ben Poechman.

The silent auction runs until September 7th at 7pm. A portion of auction proceeds from the AWARE chair come directly to us, helping us to continue to protect Whistler’s natural beauty.

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Every year, Canadians throw away 3 million tonnes of plastic waste, only 9% of which is recycled.

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