Are you interested in having your child participate in Project Now? At the moment, we are only offering this program through a partnership with Whistler Secondary School (WSS), however, we’re always interested in expanding the program to reach more youth. 

If you think this program sounds like something your child and their friends would enjoy, but they don’t currently attend WSS, then we have 3 asks:

  1. Email the program coordinator, with the following details:
    • Your name
    • Your child’s name & age
    • Name of the school you would like to see this program offered at
  2. Reach out to your child’s high school to let them know about this program and ask them to get in touch with the program coordinator about running a session.
  3. Find a large group of youth aged 14-18 (ideally 12 or more individuals) who are interested and email the program coordinator to discuss the possibility of running a course direct rather than through a school.

Current Program Coordinator: Taniell Hamilton

Project Now was created thanks to funding from the following partners…