Waste AWARE Certification – Cleaning Companies

The amount of waste humans produce is steadily rising and so is the cost of dealing with it. Global solid waste generation is on pace to increase 70% by 2025. Through reduced consumption and better waste management we can all work together to bring this number down.

Locally, Whistler has a mission to achieve zero waste. AWARE has worked with an array of sectors throughout the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District in an effort to increase awareness and education around waste reduction and diversion from large multi-family accommodation properties and world renowned events to local classrooms and community block parties. Additionally, many properties across the community have been working together to similarly help move their properties and our community towards our shared zero waste goals.

There are many touch points in the life cycle of a product before it ends up in the compost, recycling or garbage bin. Cleaning teams often complete one of the last, but critical steps in this process and help to decrease the amount of waste going to landfill by transferring the waste collected from inside a property to the separate waste streams in the garbage room or the transfer station. The Waste AWARE Certification for Cleaning Companies was created to bring light to the importance of a cleaner’s role in the waste process, while helping to make it easier and more time-efficient for cleaning crews to handle waste.

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Learn more about why this certification is a great fit for you:

Benefits for Cleaning Companies

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Team holds knowledge to handle and manage waste correctly
  • Compliance with the Solid Waste Utility Bylaw 
  • Increased marketing potential and environmental credibility
  • Fosters environmental stewardship in company culture

Benefits for Businesses Contracting Cleaning Companies

  • Easy to identify Waste AWARE Certified cleaning companies
  • Trust that waste diversion efforts being made inside the business are replicated when waste leaves the business
  • Reassurance to stakeholders that the business is following waste management best practice
  • Waste AWARE Certificate and logo for online and print promotion
  • Waste AWARE vehicle decal
  • Training manual with slides from the workshop in which participants can take notes
  • A draft Zero Waste Policy which can be personalized and included in company marketing 
  • Access to waste diversion resources and tools
  • Year-round support for weird and wonderful waste questions
  • Online and print exposure through the AWARE website, social media and bi-annually in the Pique Newsmagazine  
  • Why waste diversion is important for you, your business, the companies who contract you and your community
  • Practical guidance on which materials go where 
  • Tips on how to sort waste safely and efficiently 
  • Steps for minimizing waste creation on the job
  • An overview of the rules and regulations around waste


Type of Certification Criteria Cost Discount
Business          Getting Started To secure the Waste AWARE Certification 100% of a business’s management team and 50% of employees must attend the training. $35 per employee A $5 discount applies for AWARE members.
Business Certification Renewal A business’s certification is renewed every two tears if the fee has been paid and 100% of the management team and 50% of employees have attended training. $50 every two years. This fee is waived if you have employees attending training within the calendar year A $5 discount applies for AWARE members.
Individual Certification or Renewal An individual’s certification lasts for three years $35 every three years A $5 discount applies for AWARE members.


The certification workshop runs for two hours. This includes time for a question and answer period where we are happy to answer property or item specific questions.


If you can’t make one of these workshops and have a team of 10 or more interested in attending, we can come to you. E-mail info@awarewhistler.org with your team size and preferred date & time to inquire about a private workshop.


As Whistler attracts employees from across the globe, for an additional fee, translators can be arranged to support your team in this training. Please e-mail info@awarewhistler.org to inquire about hiring a translator.  


Thank you to the Resort Municipality of Whistler for funding the development of the Waste AWARE Certification Program and to our venue sponsor the Whistler Chamber of Commerce.