Eco-Citizen Video

Whistler has an incredible diversity of tourists and residents, both short and long term, who are drawn here because of the natural beauty of this place. We all have a vested interest in protecting our environment – whether it be for recreation purposes, to support our population, or because we want a shot of that beautiful alpine lake for our Instagram feed.

The Eco-Citizen video is a tool to be used throughout the community by partners and businesses for staff training, public awareness, and customer outreach. It is a short, engaging, and informative way to spread the word quickly and effectively on how to be a good ‘eco-citizen’ while living in or visiting Whistler.

With over three million guests annually, made up of diverse cultures backgrounds and values, Whistler has some unique challenges in educating visitors and seasonal/short-term workers on the personal actions they can take to be positive stewards of the environment.

When visiting or moving to a new place there can be a lot to learn and adjust to. Integrating the Eco-Citizen into staff training and customer engagement initiatives is a great opportunity to educate in a brief, impactful, and digestible manner.

AWARE was nominated to coordinate efforts to produce this video with input from a number of prominent local environmental groups. The ‘top ten steps to being a good eco-citizen’ included in this video were generated in consultation with Parks BC, the Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council, RMOW, Bear Smart, Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association and Whistler Blackcomb.

The ‘Eco-Citizen’ Video will be included in the Whistler Chamber of Commerce’s Spirit Pass program, as well as circulated by Whistler Blackcomb, the Resort Municipality of Whistler, and other community partners.

This project aims to help visitors and residents of Whistler understand the personal actions they can take to be positive stewards of the environment.

If you are interested in supporting production, watching the finished video, or incorporating it in your staff training or customer outreach, please send an e-mail to