Signage and Educational Tools For In Your Business

The following tools support businesses as they introduce or update systems and procedures that keep organic and recyclable waste out of the garbage. These are free and available for download below (some links redirect to partner pages).

If your business is located in a building with strata accommodation, please use the signage found on the Strata Accommodation Tools Page here. Why? Strata properties receive money back from MultiMaterials BC (MMBC) and are required to showcase the MMBC logo on all waste room signage. MMBC is a non-profit stewardship program aimed at making businesses responsible for the end of life management of their product’s packaging, click here to learn more.


FREE  Business Waste Solutions Tools

A Solutions Guide: Recycling and Reducing Food Waste in Commercial Properties

This guide provides practical solutions to help Whistler businesses keep recyclable and organic
materials out of the waste destined for landfill. In addition, the guide provides tools and techniques
to reduce the overall amount of waste being generated in commercial properties.

         Solutions Guide


Reviewing Existing Waste Systems (Tool 1)

Use this tool to review and identify gaps in your waste management system.


Identifying Food Waste Sources (Tool 2)

Use this tracking tool to record the primary sources of food waste generated in your business.


Waste Infrastructure Options (Tool 3)

Use this tool to familiarize yourself with some of the waste management infrastructure options available for your establishment.


Waste Wise Product Purchasing (Tool 4)

Use this tool to confidently navigate product purchasing.


Identifying Compostable Plastics

Use the tool bellow to tell the difference between plastics that can be composted and plastics that are harming our compost and soil by being collected with our food scraps & organics



Compost Poster

This tool showcases what goes in and what stays out of the food scraps and organics bin.



Where Does Your Waste Belong?

Understanding the lifecycle of an item from start to finish can make it easier to understand the intricacies tied to each product and why they need to be handled differently.


Where Does Your Cup Go?

Not all to-go cups are created equal. This is a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the coffee cup conundrum.

        Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 2.40.38 PM


Free Downloadable Signage

Whistler and other communities are working together to regionalize signage so there is consistency of colors and images across communities. This will make it easier for residents and visitors to quickly navigate bins at depots, inn businesses and in accommodations.

Business Waste Solutions – Signage – Small Organics Bin:



Horizontal, large format signage with text for garbage room walls or large round waste receptacles:



Vertical, large format signage with text for garbage room walls or tall skinny waste receptacles:



Square signage without text for round waste receptacles:



Vertical signage without text for tall skinny waste receptacles:



Square, blank signage. Items can be attached to this signage to showcase where specific items belong. Great for Zero Waste Stations:



Vertical, blanks signage. Items can be attached to this signage to showcase where specific items belong. Great for Zero Waste Stations:



Waste receptacle name labels:



New Waste Stream – Other Flexible Plastic Packaging:


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