The Tiny Toads of Lost Lake have gone wild!

We at AWARE like all critters to stay wild, we also like to keep them from getting squished!


Please Help Rescue The Tiny Toads?!

As many of you know, every year thousands of tiny toads migrate from Lost Lake to the surrounding forested areas. This year, there are tens of thousands of them and they have escaped from their designated toad tunnels

The RMOW has temporarily CLOSED public access to Lost Lake park in hopes of protecting the Tiny Toads! We have a limited time to help the toads get to the forest.

The toads need volunteers to help explain to people arriving at Lost Lake  why the park has been closed.
If you can help contact Kate Brandon, Fish & Wildlife Technician at the RMOW:
TEL: 604-935-8323

Thank you to all the volunteers for giving their time to help the migrate without being squashed! 

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