Spring Break @ Home

With two weeks off from school in the SD48 what better opportunity to get outside and learn in nature. Download the Spring Break Scorecard below and collect badges each time you complete an activity. Collect 5 or more badges and receive a personalized Junior Scientist e-certificate before heading back to school!

Looking for more? Check out our Activity Books and Activity Sheets for hours and hours of nature fun!

Our thanks to the Whistler Community Foundation for supporting us as we adapt programs as a result of Covid-19.

Activity 1/10 – Photo Scavenger Hunt

Watch the video below to get a more detailed description of the scavenger hunt items we challenge you to find. Download and print the Photo Scavenger Hunt activity sheet and take your camera/phone or paper and pencil with you on a nature walk and capture at least 8 out of 10 items. Email these photos to naturekids@awarewhistler.org to collect a Nature Badge for your Spring Break Scorecard.


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