The Protected Area Network Strategy was researched and written to safeguard Whistler’s natural areas.  As an outcome of Whistler Environmental Strategy, which was adopted in 2002, the PAN was developed through 24 months of research and community consultation.

PAN was intended to protect Whistler’s important natural areas and their ecological connectivity.  It identifies sensitive ecosystems present within the Whistler valley, including wetlands and riparian areas, as well as alluvial, mature and old growth forests.  Three designations for protection were developed:

  • PAN 1 – Area requiring preservation
  • PAN 2 – Area requiring conservation
  • PAN 3 – Area Requiring ecosystem management

PAN 1 designation (the highest level of protection) was only granted to two sites in Whistler: the Emerald Forest (now protected after the land was purchased by the municipality) and wetland areas on a site owned privately by the Zen family and situated between Creekside and Function Junction.

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