All Candidates Meeting: Environment & Sustainability

The Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE), Whistler Centre for Sustainability (WCS) and the Whistler Public Library have come together to host an All Candidates Meeting (ACM) for the upcoming local elections.  The topic will be ‘Environment & Sustainability’, allowing candidates to highlight their personal priorities from a wide array of local, national and global issues.  The meeting will take place at Whistler Public Library on October 28th, at 7pm.

The format for the ACM will be consistent with previous years, with candidates being given an allotted timeframe in which to share their priorities, expertise and background around the ACM agenda.  Following candidate presentations the floor will be opened to public Q&A which will run until the close of the meeting.  An informal opportunity to connect with candidates will then be provided through an invitation to drinks at the Brickworks pub, directly opposite the Whistler Library.

Prior to the Environment and Sustainability ACM candidates will be asked to complete an online survey with questions posed by AWARE and WCS.  The survey allows the views of each candidate to be shared across a wide range of local issues at the forefront of the environmental and sustainability agendas.  Candidates will have until October 24th at 5pm to complete the online survey, and results will be available from the 25th onwards on and will be posted at the All Candidates Meeting on the 28th.
In the interests of removing barriers for individuals to be involved in public process, childcare will be freely available at the All Candidates Meeting.   Pre-registration is required for childcare and the deadline for registration is 5pm on Sunday Oct. 26th – To register click here.

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