Bioblitz 2012

Dear AWARE members & supporters,

We’re only 1 week away from this year’s Bioblitz – 2 Days of immersion in Whistler’s incredible environment accompanied by a plethora of local and out of town scientists and experts.

NOTICE: Kids Club this Sunday will be joining Bioblitz and the “Swamp Monster” activities. Meet at Alpha Lake Park or at the usual meeting spot – Whistler Library 10am to catch the bus down the Alpha Lake Park. See you all there!

BioBlitz is a 24-hour race against the clock to count as many species as possible––mammals, birds, plants, frogs, fish, bugs––you name it. A BioBlitz introduces people to real (and fun) science and the amazing diversity surrounding us.The concept of BioBlitz was created by Harvard biodiversity icon E.O. Wilson to raise awareness of the huge diversity of animals and plants, even in developed areas. Since its creation, annual BioBlitzes have spread throughout North America. The Whistler Naturalists are proud to have presented the first BioBlitz here in 2007.

The BioBlitz targets alpine and valley ecosystems across Whistler.  Results from the BioBlitz will contribute to the Whistler Biodiversity Project, a multi-year, multi-group effort to catalogue and protect our native biodiversity. The genius of BioBlitz is it takes a fun and competitive approach to science.  The 24-hour, round-the-clock format leads to a frenzy of activity as the number of organisma grows ever higher.  There will be something to entice people of all ages at numerous survey sites.

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