AWARE to screen Chasing Ice at Annual General Meeting

As part of our upcoming AGM, AWARE will be screening Chasing Ice, the shocking documentary about the disappearance of the worlds glaciers.  After the long hot summer the glaciers surrounding Whistler have shrunk down to sizes not witnessed before.  However, James Bolag of National Geographic fame (his ‘The Great Thaw‘ edition was their top seller) sets out evidence in clear, undeniable, stunning, photographic form to make it clear that this is a global issue of greater magnitude than the world is realizing.  As the glaciers melt at an exponential rate, Bolag shows through stark, beautiful and profoundly moving imagery, just how likely it is becoming that we will witness glaciers that have existed for millions of years disappearing within the lifetimes of ourselves or our children.

Check out the trailer and join us for this amazing masterpiece of science and art.  We will be at the Whistler Museum 6-8pm on Wednesday October 2nd.


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