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  • New Program – Project Now
  • Kid’s Nature Activities @ Home
  • Old Forest March – Tree Pose Challenge
  • Recommended Reads

Whistler’s Eco-News

Environmental news, tips for eco-citizenry and opportunities to get involved from the Association of Whistler Residents for the Environment (AWARE).

 “We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed. Everything needs to change – and it has to start today.” ~ Greta Thunberg

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*Perk Alert* GROW Early-Bird Registration for AWARE Members

Have You Renewed Your Membership This Year?

Each year AWARE members get early-bird access to register for GROW Whistler, Whistler’s Community Greenhouse and Garden program ahead of the crowds. Make sure you have an active AWARE membership before March 1st to get the member sign up email.

Not a current member or need to renew – hit the blue button below. Not sure if your membership is still active? Email and we’ll let you know!

All AWARE membership fees go directly towards our work to safeguard habitats and biodiversity, connect people with nature, and build sustainable community.

*GROW registration opens to the general public on March 15th annually*


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Free Nature Activity Booklets

Looking for new activities to keep the whole family entertained in the outdoors?

Parents/guardians, are you still working from home? Our Nature Kids @ Home webpage has new content added ahead of Pro-D Days, but these can be used to keep your kids busy during the week or on weekends too, so be sure to check out our newest activity booklet. Navigate nature inspired cross-word puzzles, matching games, outdoor activities and more! Our third of six themes: FLYING ANIMALS.

Check out our collection of nature workbooks on the AWARE website or click the button below for our newest addition!

Coming Soon… Stay tuned for the release of our online Spring Break nature kids @ home programming next month. You won’t want to miss it! 

Click Here for Nature Kids @ Home Fun!


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AWARE ‘Project NOW’ at Whistler Secondary School

AWARE team members are working with the Enviro-club at Whistler Secondary School to help students plan and perform environmental-related projects within the community.

Student groups are working with mentors to tackle projects relating to waste, consumption, fast fashion, food systems, and local government, all while learning valuable project management skills and putting their passion into purpose.

Learn more about this program at the button below and watch the AWARE social media channels for updates!

Learn More


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Old Tree Pose Challenge

Take a Stand and Strike a Pose for BC’s Old Growth

In honor of the March 19 Day of Action, the BC Forest March is organizing virtual actions to get us all involved with a province-wide show of collective support for the protection of Old Growth.

Get a photo of you and your favourite tree, shrub, or house plant, (whatever is close at hand); you can stand, sit, do a yoga pose, (whatever is comfortable for you), and share on:

  • Facebook @forestmarchbc
  • Twitter @bcforestmarch and
  • Instagram @bcforestmarch, using the following hashtags:

#treeposechalleng #fridaysforfuture #worthmorestanding #marchforoldgrowth #forestemergency

Learn More


Recommended Reads

Looking for an excuse to check out and read a book? Check out our book list for some of our latest recommendations:

How to Change Everything By Naomi Klein m (3).jpg

Naomi Klein has come through for us again with this young adult’s guide to fighting climate change, protecting the planet, and looking out for each other. Young activists are demanding large-scale, systemic changes and are ready and willing to use all the tools they can get their hands on, from voting (for those who are old enough) and civil lawsuits to art and gardening. This book is a celebration of their creativity and courage.

m (4).jpgUnder a White Sky By Elizabeth Kolbert

That man should have dominion “over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth” is a prophecy that has hardened into fact. Under a White Sky examines how the very sorts of interventions that have imperiled our planet are increasingly seen as the only hope for its salvation. By turns inspiring, terrifying, and darkly comic, this book is an utterly original examination of the challenges we face.

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The Sea to Sky Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) is not just a guide for recreational use, but for general management of the Sea to Sky’s land. It includes designations around industrial use, commercial use, and personal recreational use of the land. Answer some of your questions about the LRMP here

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